Tuesday, 9 May 2017

I must be getting better at finding the perfect Airbnb flat. Except that the host gave me instructions via email, I got settled in and had a great night’s sleep. The view is great – a direct view to the Mediterranean Sea. Being higher above the traffic helps, but the flat is virtually sound proofed.

After a good shower and getting dressed for the outside world, I took a couple of plastic bags for groceries and I was on my way. Decided on chicken noodle soup for dinner. I went out last night after arriving and bought some bread, butter, and milk – now need to find a good grocery who had most everything I needed. After checking some on-line references, I decided on Metro Market – a 15 minute walk from this flat.

The store turned out to be a great place to shop. Not too big, but seemed to have everything I needed. Was very clean too! I guess for this store, the produce department needs to weigh and price everything you buy in their section. Who knew?

I also need a new SIM card so I have internet outside of the flat. The Metro Market clerk said I could go across the street to the convenience store and buy one there. Which I did.

I managed to find my way home, put away the groceries and starting to make the soup.

A picture to show what I saw as I arrived and went through custom control. Very crowded!

Took some picture from the balcony while waiting for the chicken soup to cook.


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