Daily Journal: Sunday, 30 April 2017

Up early to get packed and clean the flat before leaving for Luxor today. I’m ready for a new adventure!

Was surprised how much I still needed to do before walking out the door. At least I planned for the extra time. At the very least, I could be up and out within 30 minutes or sooner. How much time does it take to throw everything in a suitcase? But that isn’t me.

I left the flat at 1:00 and rolled my suitcase down to the nearby Metro station and caught the #2 train, then transferred to the #3. At the end of the #3 line, I took the bus to the airport. The whole trip was about an hour.

At the airport, I converted my Hungarian money for Euros and had time to get through security and wait for my boarding call. I again had to remind myself to keep checking for details because I realized that I’m getting so accustomed to flying. I take things for granted and not think through what I need to do next.

At Cairo my layover was 3 hours. During this time I met a couple, who I guess were from Germany because they spoke German, in one of the security lines and we had a good conversation about traveling in Egypt and food poisoning. Quite the conversation! We met up again at the Egypt Air executive lounge. A great place to have coffee and snackes. While waiting, I could hear in the background announcements for the flights to different exotic destinations. I realized that there are so many places yet to visit!

Finally it was time to board for the quick trip to Luxor. We were late taking off so landed about 20 minutes late. As it turned out, my data usage on my Egypt SIM card expired in Cairo so I had no way to communicate with Hussein who was picking me up at the airport. When I arrived I couldn’t find him so walked out one of the exits only to find out that it was one-way only and to return I had to go around to the front of the terminal and be escorted to the baggage claim. (The exit was not marked, but I should have known better.)

While walking around to the front of the terminal, I ran into Hussein who was trying to reach me. So I guess it worked out okay. Was able to gain access to the terminal, thanks to Hussein, and find the baggage area, then wait for the last of the baggage to fall into the carousel. My bad didn’t show up! Was a little concerned then saw another person who also was looking for her baggage and we found someone to help us. We learned that some of our flight’s baggage went to another carousel. My suitcase was there waiting for me.

Was a long day and eventually arrived at the Hilton and saw some of the staff who remember me from my other stays. Nice to be back in my second home. I had a great night’s sleep!


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