Daily Journal: Saturday, 29 April 2017

Woke up early this morning. Today is when I tour the Hungarian Parliament building. Actually felt really awake and ready to go, so I did.

The GPS route to the building involved some transfers, so since I was early, I took the Metro #3 to a nearby stop and walked. Found an interesting fountain along the way, then got a picture (again) of the outside of the Parliament building. It is one of the most beautiful and grand buildings in Budapest. (But I still like the U.S. Capital Building better.)

Inside, I joined a scheduled tour in English. Being part of a scheduled tour is the only way to tour the building. We saw the main hall, one of the Parliament chambers, and took a picture of one of the many figures displayed in one of the hallways and a cigar holder (no longer used).

At the end of the tour, found a replica of the building. Difficult to get the whole building in one picture.

The tour was a little less than an hour. Glad I went! So much love, pride, and attention went into this building. During WWII, many of the fine details were saved and re-installed after the war.

On the way back to the flat I ran out of data, so had no roaming internet. Stopped by Vodafone and transferred some funds from my account into 1 GB of data.

When I returned home I continued to get ready for the big move tomorrow. Finished off the chicken noodle soup and watched Star Wars Episode IV – the first movie that was released in 1977. (Seems like yesterday.) Then watched the next episode too.

Hope I’m ready tomorrow. Still need to pull everything together and leave by 1:00 p.m.


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