Daily Journal: Friday, 28 April 2017

Making my list and checking it twice. I’m finding that I go in “lock down” mode when leaving a city – especially one where I’ve lived for over a month. “Lock down” means I don’t plan many new activities and stay close to home and making sure that I am packed, no open errands in Budapest, and my travel list has been made. This guarantees a successful transition to the next city. The shorter the stay, the easier the transition.

On my list for today was to get a spray tan because I’m going to a beach resort in a few days. From there I stopped by a Vodafone store to add money to my Vodafone account so I can call my brother and finish our call from yesterday which was cut short because I ran out of money on my phone.

Nothing to buy at the store. I’m finishing up on my food supply and planning my meals carefully. I can always go by McDonald’s, my go-to place if I run out. I rely on the consistency of McDonald’s as I travel. Good to have a little consistency along the way.

Then requested my Airbnb flats for the trip to Dubrovnik. Both accepted. This was the last major item to confirm.

Still have chicken noodle soup to eat. Don’t have butter remaining for the bread, so using peanut butter instead. I’m getting this down to a fine science – using up my food supplies. Good that I like basic food and enjoy my cooking.

Tomorrow, I’ve made plans to tour the Hungarian Parliament Building early in the morning. Don’t know why I left this to the last day, but I did, so there it is. “Bob’s your uncle.” (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob%27s_your_uncle) I still use this phrase from time to time. For whatever reason it still make sense.

Next Star Wars movie tonight: Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones


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