Daily Journal: Thursday, 27 April 2017

Looks like springtime is here in Budapest. Every day I seem to see more green and the weather is consistently warmer. A far cry from when I arrived around the first of February and found snow and ice on the ground.

Getting ready for the next move, or should say moves, that are planned for this next month. Looking forward to Ireland too and will be there in a few short weeks.

Did a little shopping today and bought enough food for the next few days. Got a ticket for touring the parliament buildings on Saturday. The garden tour scheduled for Saturday was cancelled, so had time to made other arrangements.

Phoned Cousin Donna and Brother Rick this afternoon. My conversation with Rick was cut short because I didn’t purchase enough time on my SIM card. I’ll top off my card and phone him again tomorrow.

Making chicken noodle soup (again) for dinner. Will watch another Star Wars movie tonight, Episode II. Nice to just relax and watch a good movie. Hope to make to bed earlier tonight. Have some french toast soaking in egg batter for tomorrow’s breakfast.



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