Daily Journal: Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Overnight I had an idea how to organize my travel in May. Start with the leg of the travel that I must confirm firm first. I had already confirmed travel from Budapest to Cairo (need to be out of this flat in Budapest on 1 May) and I need to be in Dublin on 1 June – so I found a good price on a flight from Dubrovnik to Dublin. Done!

Once I got that settled, I went for a workout at the gym. When I returned, I started to make some Chicken Paprika and look at Airbnb options for┬áLarnaca (Cyprus) and Dubrovnik (Croatia). Found a great place in Larnaca – just need to find one in Dubrovnik.

Tried a new method to make Chicken Paprika, which seemed to work out well. Looks like I’ll have this for the next three meals. After completing my journal entries and eating dinner I watched a movie and went to bed.

Glad when the pieces to my “travel puzzle” fall into place!


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