Daily Journal: Friday, 21 April 2017

Always nice to wake up, open the blinds and see sunshine. It is common in many flats in Europe to have exterior blinds that you pull down in the evening – and if the window is facing the afternoon sun, in the afternoon too. Some of these blinds are so effective, it can be nearly pitch black in the flat – even at noon. So if I’m in a flat with these blinds, it is generally a surprise when I open the blinds and see what kind of weather is waiting for me.

Not too much to write about today. Went to the gym this afternoon for a workout then to the grocery to pick up food for the weekend. (Many store are closed or are open limited hours on Sunday.)

Still has some leftover Skinny Lasagna soup, so had that for dinner. Took care of some paperwork, then watch the movie, “Being There” – a movie that I’ve watched many times. Then finished the last episodes of TNG. Tomorrow I’ll plan something else to binge watch on either Netflix or Amazon Video.


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