Daily Journal: Saturday, 15 April 2017

Thought I’d better get another workout at the gym out of the way before Easter Sunday (everything is closed) and when I leave for Vienna on Monday. Picked up some food items at the grocery on the way back. Looking forward to making some french toast for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Otherwise, just came home – took a nap, then woke up and looked forward to watching a movie. Hooked up the Apple TV and looked to see what was available. Found something to watch (Sci-Fi movie: Arrival) then needed to update my password. Updating passwords and any on-line information can be tricky since I change locations and the usual requirement of a phone number. My old US phone number is out of service, but can still use if I need a number to fill-in-the-blank. The problem with this is when a text message with a security code needs to be sent to the US phone. Anyway – got the password updated and I watched the movie. I’d recommend “Arrival” – plenty to think about and very little violence.

Had some thoughts about packing for Vienna. No need to take the big suitcase – just my small travel bag. Also, before bedtime, made the french toast batter and started to soak the bread.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning!




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