Daily Journal: Friday, 14 April 2017

I started off first thing this morning (after coffee) on focusing on my cousin’s bookkeeping and related paperwork. Took several hours to read through the documentation again, balance the bank statements, and prepare an email to the attorney.

After all this work I took a long nap, then got up. Felt like I needed to get out of the flat. I kept thinking about some cookies I saw at a stand near the Deak Ferenc ter Station. That is all it took to get me dressed and out the door.

Took a picture of one of the cookies I bought. Was able to also get into the picture the Elisabeth Bridge and the Citadel too.

And I ate the bear along with the other cookie too. They were good!

Next, I wanted to go by the train station where I’ll leave on Monday for Vienna. Had some questions about the tickets that I was trying to buy online – perhaps the ticket office will be open. Was fun walking the back streets to return to the Metro station and see the small business that are open away from the main streets.

The Keleti Palyaudvar (Station) is on the Metro #2 line. Think I took a picture of the old station last month. Learned that domestic tickets are sold in one part of the station and international tickets in another. Good to know. Once in the ticket office I had the good fortune to talk with a ticket agent that helped me purchase an open ended round trip ticket to/from Vienna. I could even stay another day if I want to. The full cost was 33 Euros (1 Euro = 1.06 USD), which is a heck of a good deal. I was happy!

Got back home about 10:00 p.m. Time for another episode of TNG.


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