Daily Journal: Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Today is a workout day. Got busy to be out the door and off to the gym. For me, this process could take two hours. I’m retired – no need to rush.

Good workout. I’m adding more routines and reps each time I do the workout. I’ve decided to supplement my exercise program by adding some moves to do at home. I haven’t been good about trying to work out at home, but feel if I could do “something” it is much better than nothing.

Nice to not think about what to have for dinner. When I make soup, I can generally stretch it for about 3 days. I’ll probably make the chicken soup twice while I’m here and the skinny lasagna twice as well. Both are filling, nutritious, and low calorie.

Tonight I’m headed back to the beautiful Vigado Concert Hall to hear some music by “The Lapland Chamber Orchesa”.

I took more picture from inside the hall and one from the outside. Love the ceiling!

Program Notes:

Founded in 1972, the Lapland Chamber Orchestra is the most northerly professional orchestra in Finland, and indeed the entire EU. Conductor and violinist John Storgårds has been the orchestra’s artistic director since 1996. Besides Finland and the northern regions, they have performed at the BBC Proms in London, the Carinthian Summer festival of Austria, and the International Festival of Symphonic Music in Algeria.
The Lapland Chamber Orchestra has been responsible for the Finnish premiere of many a work, including the compositions of Aulis Sallinen, Pehr Henrik Nordgren, Bent Sørensen and Dave Maric. In 2009 their recording of Kalevi Aho’s Rituals was named Album of the Year on Finnish Radio.
They have performed with such popular soloists as Soile Isokoski, Håkan Hardenberger, Christian Tetzlaff, Nicholas Daniel, Nicholas Kraemer, Piers Adams, Colin Currie and Sabine Meyer.


  1. Debussy: Four Preludes for Piano (Sven Birch’s arrangement for the orchestra)
  2. Merikanto: Arioso (after an Ugric folk song)
  3. Edith Canat de Chizy: Lands Away – for strings and cimbalom
  4.      Intermission
  5. Kodály: Adagio (Imre Sulyok’s arrangement for the orchestra)
  6. Kalevi Aho: Symphony No. 14, “Rituals”

A very diverse program. Nice that they started off with some Debussy as a jumping off point. From there, the music were more modern works, which looked very challenging for the orchestra.

The composer of “Lands Away”, Edith Canat de Chizy, was in the audience and joined the orchestra on stage after her work was performed. Included in the orchestra for this piece was a cimbalom, an instrument in various forms, is common in this part of Europe.

The audience managed to coax one encore from the orchestra. Think everyone enjoyed tonight’s performance. Definitely a new experience for most. Me too!

On the way to the Metro, I took a picture of Buda Castle from the edge of the Danube. Very impressive!

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