Daily Journal: Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Woke up and decided to skip my workout for today. No reason – just felt a little lazy. Also, wanted to get a jump start on making my “Skinny Lasagna Soup”. This is the soup I like to make while traveling. Was thinking about the soup while waking up this morning.

After pulling myself together (breakfast, shower, dressing) I left for the grocery to pick up a couple of extra ingredients I needed. On the way through the mall to SPAR (the grocery) I decided on buying a new shirt, which I did. (Clothes are a good bargain in Budapest.)

Got home and started putting together the soup. Around the time I added the zucchini, I realized that it wasn’t a zucchini I added, but a cucumber. Why I didn’t notice before… ┬áThen tried to open a can of diced tomatoes and the can opener provided by the hosts would not work on this particular can. (It could have been the operator of the can opener who was the cause.) So, I went over to the local market to see if I could find zucchini and a can of diced tomatoes. Came back with a couple of zucchini and a can of whole tomatoes. Then picked out the cucumber slices from the soup. Disaster avoided!

Think the soup turned out very well. Challenges and all, it was well worth the time and effort. You can find the recipe here:


I double checked if there was a concert tonight and found out that I had tickets for tomorrow night’s performance. I had the evening free! Then took a nap.

Thinking about visiting Vienna next week. Will have to look into this.

Watched a few more episodes of THG and headed for bed.


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