Daily Journal: Saturday, 8 April 2017

Saw the sun today as I got my day started. Nice to open the window and let in the spring air while I enjoy my breakfast. (My breakfast is fairly consistent: Orange juice, yogurt with Chia seeds, and toast.)  I drink a cup of coffee prior to breakfast while I’m reading email, Facebook, and news updates.

I decided to prepare some chicken noodle soup this afternoon so I walked up to the store to get the ingredients. Needed some chicken pieces to make the stock, vegetables, and egg noodles.

Fortunately there is a stock pot in the flat that can be used for soups. Nice to smell the stock simmering on the stove. Not much elbow room in the kitchen area but made the space work. Think the soup turned out okay, but I”m not a good judge of my cooking. In any case, it was healthy and filling.

The venue for tonight’s performance was familiar. It was the one where it take 4 transfers to get to it. I left extra early to make sure I wasn’t rushed. As it turned out, I was a little rushed because I took a wrong turn between one of the transfers.

Venue:  Bela Bartok National Concert Hall

In 1867, to seal the Compromise, Emperor Franz Josef I was to be crowned Hungarian king. In Hungary it went without saying that Ferenc Liszt was to compose the celebratory music for the ceremony. The Austrian authorities, by contrast, wanted to commission a composer who was close to the imperial court. In the end, the heated protest of the Hungarian press had its effect, and six weeks before the coronation, Ferenc Liszt was officially commissioned.
The composer listened to the performance from the pews, and was greatly satisfied. “The musical success of my mass is complete. Everyone was surprised by its brevity and simplicity – and, if I may put it that way, by its character.”
In 1867, the composition was performed at the Matthias Church by musicians brought from Vienna; now, at the Budapest Spring Festival, the Austro–Hungarian Haydn Philharmonic will join forces with the Choir of the Vienna State Opera and the Hungarian National Choir.

Liszt: Piano Concerto in E Flat Major
I. Allegro maestoso
II. Quasi Adagio
III. Allegretto vivace – Allegro aimato
IV. Allegro marziale animato
Liszt: Coronation Mass

When I was here earlier in the week, I sat behind the stage. Tonight, I’m in the second balcony facing the stage. Great to have the two different perspectives. Also, didn’t realize there these massive pipes above me when I was above the stage. A beautiful hall!

The first half of the program featured pianist Gergely Bogányi with the orchestra. For the second half, the Coronation Mass featured the Hungarian National Choir. I enjoyed the concert very much.

More Liszt tomorrow night!


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