Daily Journal: Thursday, 6 April 2017

There is a change in the weather – gusts of wind woke me this morning. Guess we should expect some rain too – all of this is typical for spring.

Today I decided head back to Heros’ Square (Hosok tere) and tour the Museum of Fine Arts and Hall of Art (Mucsarnok). It took about 30 minutes via Metro #2 and Metro #1 to reach the museums. On the way to the museums, I bought a monthly transportation pass.

I first went into the Hall of Art. A very large building that, from the description, contains modern art exhibits. I discovered that there were two exhibits to view in the museum. One, on the main floor and the other on the lower floor. Both were interesting – photography and some ceramic pieces. Each exhibit each took a couple of rooms in the museum. I asked if there were any more exhibits and learned there was not. As I left the museum, I thought Paddington Bear should have his picture taken.

Next, I crossed the square to the Museum of Fine Arts. It was temporarily closed for repairs. Instead, I took pictures of some of the flowers on the museum grounds.

After returning home, and not feeling very well, I took a long nap. Lunch didn’t even sound good. I enjoyed the rest and woke up feeling a bit better.

Later, I went to the local greengrocer and bought some potatoes and onions for dinner. One of my favorite (and easy) side dishes is fried potatoes and onions. My mom made often because we all loved it. Just some cubed potatoes and onion fried in a pan, with a little salt and pepper.

Watched an early 90’s documentary on Queen Elizabeth II. Then watched a few more episodes of TNG. Almost done with season 6. Was in bed early.


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