Daily Journal: Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Woke to blue skies, checked email, then made a mug of coffee. Immediately got busy taking care of bookkeeping and correspondence that was pending my attention. Sometimes you just have to just get focused and do it. Working on my cousin’s finances has been fulfilling and we’re making progress to closing out his estate by July.

I then tried to take a nap but knew I should get to the post office and put a check in the mail, visit the grocery store (of course), then sign up for a gym membership. By the time I left the flat it was after 2:00.

Found a post office right away and finished there quickly, thanks to a short wait and an efficient postal clerk. In Hungary, you walk in, find the ticket machine, and select from a menu of services, press the appropriate button, and you get a ticket letting with your assigned number for the queue – except I don’t read Hungarian. I selected option #3 because that was the option used at the post office when I lived near Duna Plaza for mail going to the U.S.

Next was visiting my store. (I call it “my” store because it suits by needs perfectly.) Nice to have a well-organized grocery and know where all of the items are located. Though a little bothered when the butcher, while filling a woman’s order for some chicken pieces, reached into a pile of chicken with his bare hands and scooped up a heap of chicken and put them into a bag. Then, filled another person’s order (without washing his hands between customers) and put their meat order in a bag. When it came to me, I just ignored what I just saw (knowing that the meat would be thoroughly cooked) and left with my kilo of meat in a bag.

Then to the gym to get a membership for April. I selected Flex Gym only because it’s close to my flat. (I didn’t want distance to give me an excuse to not work out.) Again, similar to Gold’s Gym on the other side of the river, I was not asked any questions about my health or my fitness goals. Just paid my dues, got a tour of the facility and walked out the door with my membership card. The gym is on four levels, so I’ll be sure to at least get a workout climbing the stairs.

When I returned home, I finished up with email and was thinking about nap -then thought I should check to see if I had anything planned for tonight. I did! It was a dance performance at a location down by the river on the Pest side. I heated up the leftover Chicken Paprika, got dressed, ate the chicken and left the flat 45 minutes before the start of the program. I hadn’t been to the event’s location so was mapping out my route as I rode the #2 Metro into the city center. I should have been more prepared. Eventually I got to where I was supposed to be and was seated 5 minutes before the start of the program. Had there been one delay, I would have been late.

Below is the description of the program:

XX_&_Fragments (Performance by Compagnie Pal Frenak)

Link to Past Performances

Applying individual approaches, the invited young artists help the human soul’s creative energies erupt to the surface as they draw inspiration from The Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway’s novella of abiding truths, and take into consideration the special, unconventional shape of Bálna.
Liberated from the dead weight of words, they shape their connection to the given situation with movements that have been set free, motions that seem to run before the consciousness, with individual outlooks and occasionally improvisational solutions. Their imagery arises from the reality they themselves experience, as they reveal their own connections and articulate what it feels like to be a twentysomething today.
Four young choreographers (Milán Maurer, Kristóf Várnagy, Gábor Ivanov, and Patrik Keresztes) now have a chance to prepare some of the “fragments,” some of the components, in the given scenic system and the space of the given shape. This is how Pál Frenák, who will also appear during the evening as a performer, wants to provide the new generation with room to play out their ideas.

The performances were Improv/Modern Dance, most performed with music. My take of what I saw: some of the performances well a little self-indulgent, meaning that the performer was moving to a rhythm and a series of motions that contained elements that held meaning to the performer, not necessarily for the benefit of the audience. The hour went by quickly, given the 6 performances – each about 10 minutes in duration.

After the performance, on the way back to the flat, I walked along the river and took a picture. This is the Liberty Bridge. To the left is the popular Gellert Baths, and in the distance, above the bridge, is the Citadel.

Tomorrow I have another performance. I’ll be better prepared this time.


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