Daily Journal: Wednesday, 29 March 2017

I actually made it out of the house before noon today! Quite an accomplishment. In all honesty, was a little bit hungry.  Didn’t have much for breakfast (see below) and looking for someplace where I could have more than coffee, bread and cheddar cheese. My Airbnb host told me of a neighborhood not too far from the flat with a number of trendy coffee shops and stores – perhaps I could find some food there?

I walked up to this area, and true, there were many coffee shops and stores – and young and old from the neighborhoods were visiting and playing. Just couldn’t find anything of interest. So I headed downtown to visit the parliament building and some new neighborhoods. Maybe find something while I walk.

On the way, I took a picture of the sidewalk. Most sidewalks have a yellow set of tiles that I think are there to help people with vision impairment navigate the sidewalk. Will have to research.

After walking about 40 minutes, I gave up and just got some pizza. Had no idea what it was, just ate it. (See below.)  Gave me some time for people watching.

As I walked near the parliament buildings I saw a crowd at one of the gates.

This is what I wrote on Facebook:

“We the people…” This is what I thought while walking near Greece’s Parliament House and saw a group of people outside its gates. I don’t know why they were there, but what I saw and heard was democracy in action – in the hometown of where democracy was born in the 6th century B.C.E. Democracy, for me, is the voice of the people – a collective representation. Makes me happy.

I walked through the botanical park nearby then around to the front of the parliament building where I saw two of the traditionally dressed guards. Not sure if they can be seen in the picture below, so I found one on Google to add.

Botanical Garden (below)

Greece’s Parliament House:

Took a coffee break before heading back to the flat. The coffee shop was in a nice shopping alley near the heart of the city. Good to sit and enjoy the mild weather and soft breeze.

Even though I had on a light shirt, I was still getting very warm and perspiring. As mentioned in an earlier post, many of the local citizens were wearing coats – and some with scarfs too.

There is a park that I walk through to get back to my flat. Great way to save time by not having to wait on traffic lights and just enjoy the scenery. Took a picture of one of the park’s statues and one of the paths. I feel safe in the park and have walked through there in the dark too. Athens seems to be very safe at night – though a little noisy.

Got home and went to the store for more strawberries. Yes, they are that good. I’ll have them a bit later. I’ll make another bowl of fruit (see below) to enjoy while watching Next Generation. Almost through with Season 5.

More strawberries!!!  Very red and juicy.


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