Daily Journal: Tuesday, 28 March 2017

So many places to visit before I leave on Friday. I’ll be back in Greece within the next year (I think). Just wondering where I should plan to visit today. Since I left the flat hungry, I decided that going down to the central (flea) market, Monastiraki. I’m sure to find a place to eat.

I walked to the Victoria metro station (about a 15 minute walk) and caught the green line to the Monastiraki stop. Sometime during the ride, I started to develop a migraine. Not a bad one, but enough where I had trouble reading the text on my phone. As I left the Monastiraki station, I forgot about my migraine and looked out at the variety of shops and food stands.

Found a restaurant (offering traditional Greek food) to have lunch. The server was nice and my food arrived quickly. After I saw how much had ordered, or maybe it was my migraine, I didn’t have much of an appetite. (Greek Salad and Chicken Souvlaki)

After lunch I found a coffee shop and ordered an espresso. Also a chocolate chip cookie. 🙂  Then walked around the various markets. Must be over 100 vendors – maybe more. Up one street and down another. Amazing. Above the market is the Acropolis. Was fun just to walk around and take pictures.


When I finished with my coffee and cookie, I stood up and noticed that my glasses had fallen to the sidewalk. (They were on my lap when I stood up.) Had I not noticed them on the ground, I would have lost my glasses. This is the second time that this has happened in the past week. I need to be more careful. I only need glasses to see up close, but still…

Nearby to the markets was Agora, the ancient gathering place for early people of Athens. The guide from the Segway ride said they could dig down further but ran out of funds.

Before leaving the market, I couldn’t resist buying some strawberries. They were so big and red. Perhaps not as juicy as the Hood variety, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy them later this evening. I took pictures of a couple of fruit stands that were selling these strawberries. (See below.)

Came home and took a nap to get rid of the migraine. Almost gone now. I’ll fix a simple dinner and continue watching the 5th season of Next Generation (TNG).



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