Daily Journal: Saturday, 25 March 2017

Happy Greek Independence Day!

I really need to better research countries before I travel to them. Didn’t realize it was Greek Independence Day today until late yesterday. Perhaps I should have considered that stores and businesses may be closed. For instance, I wanted to do my clothes washing, and after getting my dirty duds in a bag and walking to the laundromat, I learned that the business was closed for the holiday. Same with the local full-service market. In any case, another beautiful day in Athens to enjoy.

Fortunately, a local bakery was open and I was able to get some treats for breakfast. (See below.)  Only 5 Euro for everything on the plate.

Later I went back and got some bread, since I was out. We started talking and before I left I was given some baklava as a take away treat. (See below.)

Then went to a small shop (think that some Greeks call them booths) to buy some Sprite and orange juice. The shop owner also gave me a candy bar treat. (See above picture.)

Not sure if it was me or the holiday that inspired the merchants give out treats. I’m not complaining. I’ll watch my calories tomorrow.

Today, will take it easy. Yesterday, sneezing and also have a stuffy nose. I feel okay. Perhaps some pollen allergies? Will get plenty of sleep and orange juice will help. Also, some of the goodies I picked up today.


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