Daily Journal: Wednesday, 22 March 2017

I’m looking forward learning to sleep while hearing motorbikes at all hours. Think I’m getting there, but not last night – waking up every hour or so. The weather is terrific and will enjoy my visit to the National Archaeological Museum, just down the street, and then the Segway tour, starting at 4:00 p.m.

Because of the technology installed in this flat, I’m still learning how to turn on the appliances, regulate the heat, and operate the electronics. Today was learning how to turn on the stove’s burners. My host sent the instructions. I managed to find out how to adjust the heat. The shower is amazing and is one of the high points of this flat. I’m very happy here.

Managed to get out the door before 1:00 p.m. and walked to the museum – about a 15 minute walk. Was a little apprehensive about visiting the museum – knowing that there will be many jars and vases. Looking forward to seeing a special exhibit inspired by the Homeric Odyssey.

National Archaeological Museum:

The museum is very large and admission was only 5 Euros. Plenty of elbow room for the artifacts and the displays were well organized. I did come upon a room that was filled will a variety of vases with similar decorations. (See the example below.) Enjoyed walking through and seeing exhibits of gold items and various statues.

And a large room full of this. In all sizes, but essentially all looked like this example.

After the museum, I headed to the meeting place for the Segway tour – about a 30 minute walk. Grabbed a bite at a McDonald’s then headed on. Not too many McDonald’s or Starbucks in Athens. But I had to sample a Greek version of a cheeseburger to check consistency. (It passed.)

When I got to the Segway Tour shop, I saw that 5 others were also part of the tour. We received a quick driving lesson then off we went. First stop was the Acropolis.  Everyone one the tour had been up there so we heard a little of the history and then our guide (Alex) recommended going up Mars Hills (or Areopagus) which is really a rock outcropping located NW of the Acropolis. It is where Paul gave one of his most important gospel presentation at the time of his visit to Athens.  (A reminder: the Acropolis refers to the citadel, an extremely rocky outcrop above the city of Athens. The Parthenon is one of the building found there.) Got some pictures of me and the city from this location.

Alex (below) explaining the operation of a Segway.

And off we went…

Next were the observatories not too far away from the Acropolis. The site we visited was where the Greeks first met when democracy was founded and put into practice. There is more to this history and will need to do further research. But it was a great spot for viewing the city and to take pictures of the Acropolis.

Visiting Plaka and the market was fascinating. The number of shops was staggering. And to think this has been a primary market area for a few millennia. I’ll visit this area again before I leave.

We then visited the oldest part of the city where the Greeks established their government and then to where the Roman’s government “set up shop” when they governed Athens. Both the Greek and Romans apparently worked together. I have so much to learn about Greek history. And this was a good place to take a picture of me on a Segway.

On our way back to the Segway Tour shop.

The two-hour tour went by quickly. I headed back to the flat as it was getting dark.Took a nice picture of the sunset during my walk. Didn’t get back to the flat until after 7:30 so just got a pizza and called it a day.

16,000 steps today. Nice!




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