Daily Journal: Saturday, 11 March 2017

Was up early so I could join the InterNations group to explore the Szemlő-hegyi Cave (or barlang, in Hungarian). It is located in the Buda hills above the Danube.

And it was a very beautiful morning in Budapest. Perhaps the nicest so far. Clear blue skies and a mild temperature of 55 degrees. Just dressed in a shirt and light coat for the walk to the M3 station at Duna Plaza.

It took a few transfers to get to the meeting point, but I arrived on time and met the event organizer and the other members who signed up for the tour. We all rode together on the last leg via a city bus. After we arrived, we applied for a group pass and met our English-speaking tour guide.

The cave is well lit and the path through the cave smooth and well-maintained. The guide explained the cave’s history and many of the natural features that we saw during the tour. We could see how tight some of the passages were for the early cave explorers. Our guide called them cavers, who we call spelunkers.

We saw some cavers practicing with ropes, for climbing, in one of the larger chambers.

The tour lasted about an hour. After the tour, we walked down to a nearby sweet shop for some goodies and coffee. From there I met a bus that took me to the Arpad Bridge (Árpád híd) and I walked across the bridge to the Pest side to catch the M3 back to Duna Plaza.

Below, is a view from the bridge looking back to the area where I’m staying. (See the high-rise buildings next to the river.)  One picture is the wide view of the river and the other focuses on the apartment buildings. With the reflection of the blue sky, I can see where the Danube got the name “Blue” Danube – since you can see so much of the sky in the river, when the river is still.

Tonight I will prepare to finish packing in the morning and I’ll be out of the door by 10:30 a.m. (Just need to remember to leave the key in an envelop for my host.)



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