Daily Journal: Thursday, 9 March 2017

Most of today I was doing things to get ready for Sunday, when I leave Budapest for a few weeks. So, not much of an update today. Success for moving to a new location requires a bit of planning and allowing time for any unknowns.

I remember my last day in Portland. Seemed like I was two hours behind all day. Worst of all, I pushed my friendship asking for favors. Before heading to the airport, I was cleaning up and clearing out the last few items right up to the last minute. Stuffing my suitcase with everything that I thought I needed. I vowed to never be in that situation again.

The challenge is finding where I put things when I first arrived. I use about 80% of my stuff after I unpack. It is the remaining 20% that I “tuck away” that take up so much time. I’m getting better at lightening the load after each stop. I suppose I could just stuff everything in my suitcase when I leave, but then I just transfer the problem to when I unpack.

Tomorrow I need to get in a final workout at the gym, do the laundry, find a place to get a spray-on tan, and meet up with Csabi. (I really don’t want to be “Winter White” when I arrive in Harghada. On Saturday, I’m going spelunking with some InterNation folks – which could last most of the day.

One last item. This morning, I saw some green outside while going for a walk. Just in the grass, but think the warm weather yesterday inspired Mother Nature here in Budapest. Nice!


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