Daily Journal: Monday, 6 March 2017

I’ll have to admit, its beginning to look like springtime is fully upon us. A bright sunny day greeted me when I finally decided to crawl out of bed.

Since I said I would meet Csabi at 3:00, I went to the store before working out. Just needed a few things to keep me supplied before I leave on Sunday. It is now a less than a week until my mini-vacation begins. (I’m considering this a vacation, because I’m leaving for a few weeks and returning to my long-stay in Hungary.)

At 3:00, I met Csabi at a nearby bus and tram stop. He asked that we detour so he could pick up his birth certificate before we headed to a coffee place I had wanted to try out. Got to see a new part of the inner city that I hadn’t been to before. And then ride a bus that took us near the parliament building where the coffee place was located.

While at the parliament building, Csabi said he would take my picture and I said okay.

The coffee shop that we visited was named Cafe Picard. Captain Picard is the lead in Star Trek Next Generation, the series that I’m watching nightly. I also posted the picture below to the Facebook Star Trek group too. I’m a Star Trek geek and proud of it!

After coffee, we walked around some more and I saw the uniform and gas mask on display. Good place for a selfie.

Before we got on the Metro for the trip back, I saw a pharmacy and asked for Csabi’s help. I’ve run out of aspirin and also Aleve. I use the aspirin mainly to calm my RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and the Aleve for neck and back pain, which I get once every month or so. In Hungary, these two over-the-counter items in many countries, need to be requested from the pharmacy staff and Csabi helped with the translation.

Really is nice just walking around the city and looking in the store windows. What an eclectic variety of shops in Budapest. The late afternoon is perfect for this sort of activity. Csabi wanted some pizza so we stopped at a small pizza store so he could get a slice. He generally eats very healthy meals, so shared the phrase “guilty pleasure” with him. We had a good laugh.

Had the last of the beef stew for dinner. By the third night I get a little tired of the tried and true stew. Looking forward to something new tomorrow evening.

When shopping for fruits and vegetables, most everything is available in many Budapest stores and public markets. The quality varies, depending where you shop. I’m lucky that my local store carries raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries for my morning yogurt with chia seeds. These berries, according to their packaging, come from Chile and Morocco. The vegetable shortage in the U.K. doesn’t seem to be effecting Hungary – at least from what I can tell.

I’m almost to season 4 of Next Generation. Fun to re-watch these shows and almost hard to believe that the series ran from 1987 to 1994 – almost 30 years ago. Seems like yesterday.


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