Daily Journal: Sunday, 5 March 2017

I knew it was going to be a lazy Sunday when I woke up this morning. Weather outside was breezy and overcast. Also, I didn’t have anything that needed to get done. So it was an eat-breakfast-and-head-back-to-bed sort of morning.

Got up after a couple of hours and took a shower. To be semi-productive, thought I’d better start buying tickets for Budapest’s Spring Festival events. Mainly the ones with limited seating and performances. There are so many diverse events planned this year – so will be fun to plan and attend those than are of interest.

Link to Spring Festival Events: http://www.btf.hu/events

I decided to make some French Toast for lunch. Just two slices – not a large batch. I let the bread really soak up the batter and put them in the pan to cook. Once done, I spread on peanut butter and it was a perfect treat.

Then another nap.

When I woke again, I put the Spring Festival events in my phone’s calendar and got ready to call a former co-worker from ESCO. He had been out of work for a few months and we worked together on his resume and prepared for is job search in late 2016. He is now an IT consultant working for a new IT support firm in Portland. Nice job for him that will provide a lot of valuable experience. Good speaking with him again. We worked together very well, but don’t think I’ll return to the world of IT project management. (Notice I didn’t say never.)

Texted friends early in the evening and warmed up the roast beef from last night. And in keeping with the spirit of the day (lazybones) , I watched four episodes of Next Generation in the evening – then went to bed.

I’ve subscribed to Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/) which I’m really enjoying. It is listed as “the front page of the Internet”. Has been an interesting read so far.

Forgot to make a note a few days ago about bike helmets in Budapest. There are none. I’ve not seen one person on a bike wear a helmet, including children. No judgement, just an observation.

One final observation. I remember noting a few months ago about Iceland, and Zermatt as well, not having a snow pack as in prior years. I was wondering if they will get snow this year. Since then, I’ve been keeping track of their weather and now happy to report that both are receiving their snow, and not just a little snow, a lot of snow. Iceland hasn’t seen this much snow since the 1930’s and Zermatt is starting to get days where a foot or more snow has fallen. I can stop doing my snow dance for them now.



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  1. Good to have a lazy day now and then… you’re retired, you know! Seems like you’re busier than when you were working! Miss you!

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