Daily Journal: Saturday, 4 March 2017

Another sunny day! (I could get used to this.) After breakfast, went to the gym and had a good workout. I was concerned that my left ankle felt like I had twisted it, but it seemed to heal itself and didn’t cause me any pain for the rest of the day. Could be one of those minor aches that pop up as we age.

I spent some time today making final hotel arrangements for Cairo and Hurghana. In Cairo, I’m only staying overnight but wanted to be close to the airport. Finding a good hotel, from the selection available, proved to be a challenge. Hurghana lodging was a bit easier and relied on the recommendations from others who had recently stayed at some of the properties that I looked at. Prices for lodging in Egypt is very reasonable.

For dinner, I’m having beef stew. Again. Suppose I should be a little more adventuresome. My options narrow down as I approach the end of my stay. This next week I’ll work to use up any extra food supplies and really watch what I buy, knowing that I’m leaving on the 12th.

I’ve stopped using any kind of recipe for beef stew. For me, it never quite tastes the same each time I make it. One reason, at least recently, is that the ingredients have slightly different flavors as I move from one country to the next. The other is that I don’t measure any more since no Airbnb (so far) supplies any measuring cups or spoons. Kind of fun to see how my beef stew turns out given these variables. Perhaps I should call it: “Beef Stew Surprise”?

It was after 8:00 p.m. when the stew was done. And between email, Facebook and texts, I finally was able to settle down by 9:00. Was going to take a walk after dinner, but it was getting late and was a little sleepy after having a couple of helpings of the stew.

I should sleep well tonight….


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