Daily Journal: Thursday, 2 March 2017

A little windy this morning. And after some breakfast and taking care of correspondence, I went to the gym for a workout. Getting a little warmer outside and was able to walk to the gym wearing a light coat. Got in a good workout. Walked back without the coat.

After a shower, I went to Duna Plaza to exchange some clothes that I bought a couple of days ago. I keep forgetting the European sizes are smaller than in the U.S. Both the shorts and t-shirt that I bought were too small. (No, not because I’m gaining weight.) Also picked up a few things at the store.

Got ready to meet a new group, Democrats Abroad, that I joined last week. From what I understand, they have state-level recognition by the Democratic Party in the U.S. While the group is comprised of people affiliated with the Democratic Party, being a Democrat isn’t a requirement since the group is mainly interested in issues that affect Americans living abroad.

I met them at a Mexican restaurant ,Mezcal, downtown. Was a nice enough place and I was interested to see how the restaurant prepared and presented the food. A few of the D.A. group had been to the restaurant before and said the food was good.

Was a small group so easy to talk to most of the people at the table. We talked very little politics and mainly enjoyed each other’s company. The main topic of business was the election of local officers and about a general meeting in May where the Hungarian membership will be invited.

So, what did I select for dinner? Chicken Quesadillas. They were most moist than crisp, but the flavor was good. I didn’t realize that it was a’ la carte, so just had the quesadillas and no rice or re-fried beans. In the end, I was full, so guess I didn’t need the extra portions.

Had a nice walk home, given the weather was still mild. Think I’ll enjoy more time walking around in the evening. It really is a good time to enjoy the city.

Got home and was still very much awake, so stayed up until 1:00 a.m. watching a few episodes of Next Generation.


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