Daily Journal: Monday, 27 February 2017

I wonder how many other retired people deal with changes in their sleeping patterns after they retire. My sleep schedule was a little off when I was working, but now it seems like it is out of control – or maybe that is the new normal?

When I was working, I would get up around 4:00 a.m. and sometimes get to the gym by 5:00, or get a jump start on email or projects at work. And if I stayed up too late, I would get between 4 – 5 hours of sleep. Now, I have time for naps (which I like) and think that this makes it difficult to get a full night’s sleep. Think I’ll just go with the flow and sleep when I want and let nature take care of the rest. (No pun intended using the word “rest”.)

In any case, after I got up and ate my bowl of Greek yogurt with raspberries, blueberries, grapes, and a banana, I worked on my cousin’s invoices and related paperwork. By the time I got to the gym it was after 1:30, but found the gym practically empty again. Nice! Also, didn’t wear a coat to the gym for the two block walk there given that it was nearly 50 degrees.

After my workout, I showered and did some grocery shopping. When I got back, I decided to work on organizing some pictures. There was one file (actually a group of files) that were a composite of photos from various sources. I determined my approach and went for it. It took a couple of hours, but think I can finish up this phase in another 2 – 3 hours.

I decided to return to Heros’ Square (Hősök tere) after it got dark. I had heard that seeing the square and the surrounding area after dark is worth the trip. So, after dinner, I walked over to the Metro 3 station and took the train to Deak Ferenc ter station then transferred to the Metro 1 line which dropped me off at the Hősök tere (Heros’ Square) station.

Below are some pictures of the square after dark. I noticed the column wasn’t fully lighted. Still looks impressive after dark. The hero statues the stand behind the Millennium Monument really stood out.

I walked over to Vajdahunyad Castle and found a number of people taking pictures of the castle’s reflection in the still water of the lake, which was once a skating rink a few days ago. The lighting of the castle was perfect and added to the overall affect.

Think I’ll plan a few more night time adventures. Budapest really takes on a special look after dark. And a good way to get in some additional walks too.




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