Daily Journal: Saturday, 25 February 2017

Beautiful morning! Nice to wake up to some sunny weather. Really helps to get me going! The picture below is from my balcony.

Very quiet at the gym this morning. Many people out for a walk and enjoying the sunshine. Because I was in the gym with only one other person, easy to take my time and add more sets to each workout. Boy, I was tired when I left the gym.

After a shower, I decided it was my turn in the sun. I hadn’t been over to Heros’ Square (Hősök tere) – the largest square in Budapest. The square features the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, statues of the Seven Chieftain of the Magyars, Milenium Monument and statues other national leaders. Bordering the square is the Art Galery (Kunsthalle) and Museum of Fine Arts.

After taking some pictures in the square, I walked over to the Jaki Chapel which is next to a large public ice rink. I was watching the zambonis prepare clean and smooth the ice along the way. At the chapel, a number of vendors were selling a variety of food and gifts.

Pictures from Heros’ Square.

Jaki Chapel and the zambonis.

On the way back, rather than take the bus, I decided to take Metro 1, the oldest part of the subway system and the oldest subway on the European continent – dating from 1900. It was like stepping back in time riding this line.

For dinner, having the leftover Chicken Paprika. I’m really enjoying this recipe.

Bon Appetite!

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