Daily Journal: Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Was up early to be ready for my Airbnb host, to be here at 10:00, to fix the kitchen sink. Of course I had make sure the place was in good order before he arrived. Also showered too. He was here right at 10:00 and had the sink’s drain problem fixed before 10:30. While here he showed me the bike locker in the garage so I can go bike riding – maybe tomorrow.

After he left I got ready to visit the laundromat, grocery store, and find a place to get a haircut. As a result, I needed to skip my workout today, but perhaps all of the walking will be a good compromise?

I really enjoy the nearby (sort of) laundromat, which is about a 20 minute walk away from the flat. Since I like to use my excess change to pay for the washer and dryer, I grabbed my stash of coins before I left. As it turned out, I was slightly short of the needed denomination to pay for the wash – though the person in line behind me offered to cover the difference. Nice!

While the wash was running, I had 35 minutes to get over to the nearby Tesco and buy my favorite greek yogurt. It was a good 10 minutes each way to the store, and including the time to get checked out, I was back just before the wash was finished. While the dryer was running, I got in a couple of games of pinochle on my phone.

A little side-note regarding the pinochle game installed on my phone. I use the game to pass the time while waiting in lines, on planes or trains, and sometimes before going to sleep. Very difficult game to play with the computer since it remembers all of the cards played – so I have to be in top form if I’m going to stand a chance of winning. A good game to keep my mind active.

After getting the laundry done, I headed back and stopped off at Duna Plaza to find a place to get my haircut and also to visit the grocery store there and pick up some of their excellent bread. Duna Plaza is getting to be my home away from home.

The place I selected to get my haircut seemed to be a flat rate shop where you get the basic cuts for a fixed price. Which was fine with me. The person who cut my hair asked about length and I said that I generally have the shaver with a #2 guide. I asked if he used guides in millimeters. He said he would use a #2 and started cutting. I noticed right away that it was much shorter than I usually get. He was using a 2 mm shaver – not using a #2 guide. So, now I have a short, but well-trimmed, haircut. Just in time for summer! And it will grow out in a week or so. Lesson learned.

Got home and immediately took a nap. Not sure why I was so tired, but the nap was just what I needed. After I woke, I started working on dinner – and to keep it simple, just prepared baked chicken. While the chicken was in the oven, started to finish up another section of photographs and got a huge batch organized.

A very productive day! Now to get back to the gym tomorrow!



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