Daily Journal: Monday, 20 February 2017

This morning started off sunny and we almost had blue skies. Then around noon the clouds rolled in. I took a look at the weather forecast for this week and it looks like we may get up close to 60 with some clearing on Thursday. Being from Oregon, I’ll wait and see…

I didn’t make it to the gym today. Still have a stuffy nose and thought some extra rest would be best. Instead, I’m tackling the file and picture backup project today. It has to get done sometime. My strategy is to get the major file folders organized on one external drive, then copy these folders to the backup external drive. I can then work on the files and pictures on the primary external drive and know that my backups are safe. Easy, right?

Once I have each of the major categories organized, I’ll upload them to my OneDrive and let Microsoft maintain the backups. It would be helpful if the OneDrive application made it easy to organize files – still a little “clunky” to do that.

Tonight will be the last of the beef stew for dinner. Not sure what I’ll make next. I’ll have to think about that. I’ll be at another InterNations gathering tomorrow night, but it doesn’t start until 7:00. In any case, whatever I make, I’ll need to be finished by 6:00.

Hope I don’t have another dream about work. Has been a long time since I thought about having a job. This dream was about getting people to attend a weekly meeting and explaining why these meetings would be important to the success of the project. Today, while going through some of my files, I came across some work documentation, job descriptions, and meeting notes – nice to know that that all of that is all in the past.

Pleasant dreams!



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