Daily Journal: Sunday, 19 February 2017

My morning started off with someone at my door – who wouldn’t stop knocking and trying the latch to get in. Security said he was drunk. At 7:30 a.m.? Thankfully I was able to get back to sleep. I had my suspicions that Hungarians like to party through the night – this might be a clue that I was right? Anyway, all is well…

After getting a couple more hours of sleep, I made some coffee and got ready for my InterNations lunch at 12:30. We met at an Indian restaurant near the West End shopping center, near the center of the city. I arrived early so walked through the shopping center and checked out the stores. It is quite large and has all of the major stores with a impressive food court on the ground floor.

At Haveli Indian Restaurant in Budapest. (Note sure why the quality of this picture is so poor.)

Thought it was interesting having Indian food in Hungary. Hey, why not? Met new people today – some from Hungary, but also spoke with people from the UK, Australia, France, Belgium, and Romania. There was about 17 of us. I had asked if anyone knew if this food was anything like what you’d find in India and the consensus was that it wasn’t. Too many meat dishes.

After lunch I walked through the West End Shopping Center again and went into Media Mart to find a new cord for my backup external hard drive. Found what I was looking for and left for home. The cord will help me transfer the files from one external drive to the other.

Took a nap also and left a message with Paula to see if she had time to talk with me today as planned. We found a good time for both of us and proceeded to have a good hour long talk and got caught up. Good to see and hear her again. We used Messenger’s video call feature – which worked out very well.

Feeling fairly good today. Getting rest and drinking liquids really help. I’ll return to the gym tomorrow. Just need to get into bed early again tonight.


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