Daily Journal: Monday, 13 February 2017

Some early morning fog caused a late start to today’s sunshine. By the time I got going, it had cleared up – but still very cold.

Started working on organizing my external hard drive and re-naming or deleting files that I no longer need. Spent about two hours on this and have many more to go.

I was up so late, and working on the external hard drive, that I didn’t make it to the gym until after lunch. After gym I went to the laundromat to do my wash. My host said he would do my wash, but I’d rather do my own. He can do the towels and bedding.

After I started the wash, I made a quick trip up to Tesco to buy a few items. Just as I returned to the laundromat, my wash was done and then put the clothes into the dryer. Cost for the wash and the dryer was $7 (or 2,000 HUF).

Was starting to get dark and cold again as I walked home. Should have brought some gloves and a hat with me.

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