Daily Journal: Friday, 10 February 2017

Was up early (8:00 a.m.) so I could go to the gym before my dentist appointment. Wow РI must be retired if I think 8:00 a.m. is early. Good for me!!  Weather is still chilly though the sun is expected to make an appearance starting this afternoon and it looks like it will be sunny for the coming week.

I took a taxi to the dentist since I’m not 100% using public transportation. My taxi driver spoke very good English so we had a good conversation about his travels and mine as we drove to the appointment. I heard about this dental place in an article I read in an Edinburgh paper about how many UK residents are going to Budapest for good, affordable dental work. This dental office specializes in performing dental work on people from other European countries. Who knew?

When I got to the office, I heard Hungarian, French, English and German being spoken by patients and the dental staff. Quite a big office. After I filled out the paperwork, I was escorted into a room for my X-ray. Was very efficient and was in and out in 10 minutes.

My examination took less than 15 minutes and they gave me a treatment plan that I reviewed with a dental professional. Mainly, was there to get a cleaning but they discussed some other options with me that I’ll share with my dentist in the U.S. Normally I’d have to wait two weeks or a month for my cleaning, but I’ll return next Tuesday. Nice!

Getting back home, I decided to try public transportation. I was several miles away from home and not familiar with the area. I found a street that had a bus line and caught a bus that would take me close to a Metro station. Once on the Metro 2 I could then transfer to Metro 3 to return home. My only problem is that I wasn’t sure if Metro 2 was going in the right direction, so I got off, and went rode back in the opposite direction and realized that I was going the right way the first time. Lesson learned.

I stopped by the store on the way home and picked up some green tea, bananas, bread, tonic water and lime. Then stopped by the local store to pick up orange juice. When I got home, took a nap and slept for nearly 2 hours.

Tonight I am going to warm up the Paprika Chicken from last night and continue catching up on the Ellen Show and Next Generation.


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