Daily Journal: Wednesday, 8 February 2017

I was thinking about adding this update to yesterday’s posting. Today has turned out to be almost a duplicate of yesterday. Not a bad thing – just part of getting into a daily routine. Gym, Shopping, Lunch, etc.

I worked more on getting my files in order. I have most of my scanned documents and pictures on my OneDrive – and have my working backup on an external drive. Both need to be reviewed so I can sync up both so I have a good backup copy. This doesn’t address getting my pictures documented and classified – that will be a multi-month project. Finding all of Bobby’s pictures was not easy – though I did find some pictures that I hadn’t seen in awhile.

This evening, Csabi took me on a mini tour of central Budapest on the local bus. We eventually took a walk along the Danube then stopped off at a coffee shop to continue our conversation. Really is nice to get to know someone who lives in Budapest and can get his perspective of the people and the city. Found out that he doesn’t know his family history – just back to his grandparents. I showed him my family history – or at least enough for him to be interested in understanding more of his family background.

Got back late and then ate dinner at 9:00. Finished up the last of the beef stew. I’m planning on making Chicken Paprika tomorrow night. When in Rome…


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