Daily Journal: Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I’m definitely settling into a daily routine. Getting up in the morning and being at the gym before noon is now becoming standard – and it only took a week. When I was in Edinburgh, I wasn’t at the gym until after lunch. Guess it seems better to get the gym out of the way in the morning, then can start with the rest of the day?

I’ve also been grocery shopping every day since arriving last Wednesday. Good to have a variety of food available. Though, I always have my “go-to” (toast and butter). Have found the local bread that I like – soft on the inside and has a nice crunch on the outside.

My cousin’s obituary is about done. Needs to be proofed and approved by my cousin, Donna (Bobby’s sister) then will send to the Hood River News to be published. Enjoyed going through old pictures and finding some that will be shared during his memorial service. I’ll send to Donna’s daughter tomorrow.

Tonight I met with my Hungarian friend, Csabi, for coffee. Glad our schedules got in sync and we can spend some time talking. We’ve been texting since August last year, with an occasional Skype call. Not sure how long he’s going to be here since he’s planning on a move to the U.K. in a few weeks.

Getting colder again – but no snow, yet. We walked back to the Metro station and rode together for one stop then he transferred to his bus.

Wasn’t able to get my monthly transportation pass. I’ll ask Csabi for help when I see him tomorrow. Once I have the pass, I can easily travel most anywhere on Budapest’s great transportation system.



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