Daily Journal: Monday, 6 February 2017

Headache is gone. Got a late start this morning but was out the door to the gym before noon. Before I left, I took the cuts of meat out of the freezer for my beef stew that I will be making later today.

I found out that the gym gets a bit busy during the noon hour. (I’ll make a note of that.) Also saw that most everyone was on their phone too. Did my best to keep to my routine and once I was done, left the gym and headed back to the flat.

Today was also laundry day. I saw that there was a laundry near the shopping center. So decided to do some shopping and confirm the laundry’s location before making a trip with my clothes. The laundry checked out and was fully automated so all I needed was some change to operate the equipment – soap was included.

Took a picture of the Danube on my way back from the store.

After finishing the laundry and headed back to the flat to start dinner. My Airbnb host will take care of the towels and bedding later this week.

After not cooking for nearly two months, it has been nice to get back into my routine. Beef stew is one of my favorites. And with the cold and wet weather, was the perfect choice for tonight. I had to be a little creative because the kitchen doesn’t have all of the equipment – and the store didn’t have Worcestershire sauce.

Looking forward to watching a little bit of Ellen while I’m eating dinner then will probably watch two episodes of TNG before bedtime.


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