Daily Journal: Saturday, 4 February 2017

Woke up to more fog this morning. The first time I woke up today was 3:00 a.m. and decided to make some coffee since I was up. Tried out the new coffee mug I bought yesterday – the one that can hold a decent amount of coffee. I only drink one cup of coffee per day so I try to make the most of it.

While up, I worked on my 2016 taxes a little and also started on my cousin’s obituary. He passed away on the 25th. I have been his conservator since 2011 and my principle responsibility was to make sure his bills were paid and worked with our attorney on his behalf. I know that he is in a better place now and is at peace.

Eventually I went back to bed and slept until 8:30. When I woke again, I finished off some yogurt that I opened the night before, some toast, and orange juice. Worked on taxes some more then went to the gym. (Day #2) Boy, I was a little sore from yesterday’s workout and very glad I am getting back into the routine again.

After the gym I went shopping for the remaining kitchen items. Before I got to the grocery store, I decided that I needed some new t-shirts and a new pair of sweatpants. Also bought a new light coat for when the weather warms up. Not many vegetables to choose from at the store – guess Hungary is also feeling the impact from the bad weather in Spain. I managed to find some celery, carrots, and brurssel sprouts.

I took a picture of the frozen water in the marina. The Danube seems to be clear of ice now.

This is my location in Budapest:

My good news for today is that my stomach flu is gone. I didn’t mention it before because I was in the middle of it and would just sound like I was complaining. Now I have something to celebrate – which is much more fun. But it was nearly 10 days and it was getting a bit old and inconvenient. I’ve been so lucky that this is the first bout given the various water supplies I’ve used over the past 7 months. Maybe this is my last? (Finger’s crossed.)

My taxes next year should be super easy. I will only have my Social Security to claim, some interest from a couple of savings accounts, and the final income from my conservator duties. I put the estimated 2017 numbers into H&R Block tax software and also via the free IRS tax software and both said I would not need to pay any taxes. Yes, I read the tax rules, but my brain turns to mush after reading the rules and regulations. Also, before the end of 2016, I converted my remaining brokerage account into an existing annuity, which defers the taxes until I start drawing from the account. I’m following the investment rule where you conservatively invest as you get older and reduce risk as possible.

Tonight for dinner I had a roasted chicken breast, garlic mashed potatoes and buttered brussels sprouts. Also, I’m now caught up to Ellen’s December shows. Then I have a couple of Graham Norton Shows (BBC) to watch tonight. The Hungarian TV (in English) is mostly news. As an alternative, I can watch Netflix (US) and Amazon TV (US & UK) on my laptop. Speaking of my laptop – not sure if I mentioned that its a Chromebook. If I lost the laptop, I buy a new Chromebook, log in and all of my stuff is there. (Also, a Chromebook is much cheaper, and generally weighs less, than a conventional PC laptop.)

Back to watching the Ellen Show!



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