Daily Journal: Sunday, 29 January 2017

My last day in Luxor. I’m trying to be aware that its my last day for awhile and want to capture the sights and sounds. This city has become so much a part of me over the past week or so. I’ve seen the so many different angles of the city I seem to be in touch with the people and the rhythm of daily life. I guess that explains it well. I’ll have to re-read this later.

Hussein took me to see Queen Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple. I wanted to climb to the highest tier and take a picture of Luxor. After the temple, we drove around again and went into downtown – just to drive around, then he took me back to the hotel.

Below, Luxor is across the Nile. You can see the green from irrigation from the river. So very lush and green in the valley.

Later in the evening he drove me to a shop that sells sweets and desserts. He put together a box for us to take with us. He said it was going to be a surprise where we were going next. Found out that a cousin of his opened a new nightclub (no alcohol) near my hotel.

It was an open house at the bar for his cousin’s family and was introduced to many of is family and friends. Though when the football (soccer) game started, everyone started watching. We left after the game was over.

Before going to bed, got ready for leaving early in the morning. Hussein said he would be by at 7:15. I decided to have breakfast brought up to me so I could eat and pack. I asked to be awakened at 5:45 a.m. and knew that morning would be here soon.

My bed is usually decorated after Housekeeping finishes my room. Each day it is something different.


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