Daily Journal: 26 – 28 January 2017

I’m combining four days into one posting. Yes, the idea was to post daily, but since I developed the rule for the plan – guess I can change it too.  🙂

It was my idea to relax for the most of my three full days here in in Luxor. I was in Luxor the previous week, but went to Aswan for four days.

I left Aswan on the 26th, by train, to Luxor. Both Hussein and Mostafa said I should go by car (down and back), with one of them driving, but I said it would be too much of a bother. I’ll just take the train. Next time, I’ll go by car – so difficult to purchase a ticket then you don’t know if the train will arrive / depart on time and there may be unknown delays along the way. Lesson learned. Just hire a driver and enjoy the landscape along the way.

After getting back to Luxor and being welcomed by the staff at the Hilton – who called me by name and even had my old room ready. Really, the nicest people here. One porter said he was going to hide my bags so I’ll have to stay.

After I got settled in my room, Hussein and I got caught up as he took me around the city for a drive.

The next few days, I’ve been waking up, going down for breakfast then out for a quick stroll down by the river before meeting up with Hussein at 10:00. I’ve been asking him to drive around to see more of the of the Luxor people, daily life, and the surrounding area. Every so often we would stop for tea or coffee and enjoy the mild temperature and sunshine.  Then, he drops me off at the hotel at around 3:00 p.m. so I can shower, nap, and answer email – then he picks me up at around 6:00 and we go to dinner and an evening drive. (Sounds like a rough life!)

We even went clothes shopping. Went to about 5 stores along TV Avenue in the heart of the city (no shopping mall) and I found two shirts that I liked. (Light, long sleeved shirts for about $10 each in US dollars.) I will needs some light casual wear when I meet up with the InterNations group in Budapest next week.

Last night Hussein had a surprise for me. He hired a horse drawn cab then had me sit up with the driver as we drove around town for about an hour. (Guess I should have taken a picture.) We stopped and he got me a beer to drink (since I wasn’t driving).

Earlier today I went to the Luxor Museum and saw a few Tutankhamun pieces. Then to the Mummification Museum.

Karnak Temple at Night

Hussein at dinner.

Tomorrow will be my last day here in Luxor. I’m meeting up with Hussein soon and we’ll make some basic plans for tomorrow as we enjoy the evening. He has taught me so much about the Egyptian people – which I’ll share in another post. (Hint: I’m going to relate it to Disneyland – stay tuned…)


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