Daily Journal: Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Was up early this morning to the Temple of Edfu (dedicated to the falcon god, Horus) which was over 100 km to the north. Mostafa decided to take “the back road” since the main road is generally congested. On the “backroad” we had a chance to go through a number of small villages. I commented that I’m probably the only non-Egyptian person for miles and miles. Part of this road was through the Sahara Desert. (I’ll get a picture of the desert tomorrow. It really looks like you think it would – which is probably why I didn’t take a picture today.)

After about two hours we made it to the Temple of Edfu. The city of Edfu was known in Greco-Roman times as Apollonopolis Magna, after the chief god HorusApollo. It is one of the best preserved shrines in Egypt. The temple, dedicated to the falcon god Horus,


Paddington Bear and Horus

We next drove through sugar cane country, now in harvest time. Saw many modes of transportation carrying the cane to the factory for processing. Was delayed for almost 30 minutes due to some congested traffic. In about an hour we reached the Temple of Kom Ombo – an unusual double temple in the town of Kom Ombo. The building is unique because its ‘double’ design meant that there were courts, halls, sanctuaries and rooms duplicated for two sets of gods.[2] The southern half of the temple was dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek, god of fertility and creator of the world with Hathor and Khonsu.

Much of the temple has been destroyed by the Nile, earthquakes, and later builders who used its stones for other projects.

Trip to the Nubian Museum (officially the International Museum of Nubia) is an archaeological museum located in Aswan. It is dedicated to Nubian culture and civilization. Mostafa, who is from a Nubian family, went with me through the museum and gave me some personal insight on some of the exhibits. So many of the Nubian villages along the Nile were put underwater when the Aswan High Dam was completed.

After the museum, we joined Mostafa’s friend who owns a nearby coffee shop. We talked for awhile before I asked to be taken back to my hotel. I thought Mostafa was going to drive me, but surprised me with a boat trip to the hotel’s Nile landing pier. What a great way to wrap up the day!







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