Daily Journal: Monday, 23 January 2017

Had an early start for the flight to Abu Simbel. Mostafa was waiting to take me to the airport and caught my plan for the short flight to Abu Simbel.

I’ll write more later about this visit, but just got back to the hotel and wanted to post this update before I went to bed.

Below are pictures from this site. The temple was in very good condition considering the age from when it was built.

Walking down to the site. New relocated site is just above the location that is now under water – just beyond where the three people in front of me are walking.

View of Lake Nasser from the site.

Inside the temple.

View from around the back of the temple.

Aswan High Dam

Perhaps the name is misleading. I was expecting something like the Hoover Dam with a high cement wall holding back the mighty Nile River. Instead, I found a modest, mostly earth dam, that is responsible for creating the massive Nasser Lake reservoir when the dam was completed.

Philae Temple

I need to do more research on this temple. After a short boat trip to this temple (in the reservoir created when the first Aswan Dam was completed in the 1930’s). Very nicely preserved, but you can see the influence of the Romans and early archaeologists.

Mostafa (below)

Boat Captain (below)

That evening I hosted some drinks at the legendary Old Cateract Hotel (where Death on the Nile was written). ┬áMy guests were my driver, Mostafa and a friend of his – not knowing too many people where. What a great place! Kind of like if the Benson was relocated to Aswan. We sat outside and watched the boats go down the Nile. Very relaxing!









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