Luxor: Wednesday, 18 January 2017

After breakfast I got packed and left early for the Cairo airport. It took almost an hour due to traffic. I cannot describe the traffic – just to say that, as a passenger, you have a very high appreciation for the driver. Also, happened to notice that every car (not an exaggeration) has some sort of dent(s).

This is the process for getting through the Cairo Airport for the flight to Luxor:
– Walk up to the door of the terminal
– Asked at door for boarding pass
– Walk 20 feet and go through security scan
– Check in suitcase with airline (Egyptair)
– Find boarding gate and wait
– Go through security scan again at gate
– Go one floor down and wait to board bus
– Take bus to plane
– Asked for boarding pass at the plane
– Take seat and served water or tea
– Plane takes off
– Served full lunch (for 1 hour flight)
– Land
– Bus picks us up from plane
– Pick up suitcase at baggage
– Find where to meet taxi (no signs)
– Negotiate taxi fare with driver
– Drive to hotel
– Taxi is searched and identity is checked
– Suitcase is taken by hotel staff
– Served refreshing cocktail at reception desk
– Concierge takes me to room
– Given tour of room and shown features
– Concierge leaves and returns with suitcase

Because of security, only passengers and airport staff are at airport. Terminal is a very large and empty place.

Once at the hotel, I was treated very well and given a room with a Nile river view. I wanted to see some of Luxor so rented a taxi for an hour ride. Got my picture taken with the Nile.

I had booked the for only two nights. Not sure how long I’m staying in Luxor and thinking about going to Aswan in a few days.

Tomorrow, my airport taxi driver is taking me, and a guide who he is hiring, to three different locations, including the Valley of the Kings. The driver will cover all of the expenses – I only have to pay him. I asked about him at the hotel and was given good references.

One of the tasks that I’ve been meaning to do was get on the best phone plan while in Egypt. Thought I could figure out for myself, but needed to open a chat session with Swisscom. After 45 minutes of chat, think I’m on a plan that will meet my needs. I guess it is good to have a lot of options, but trying to figure out the best package is a little daunting.

I need to do laundry. Fortunately the hotel has full laundry service available – at a reasonable price.


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