Daily Journal: Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Another fine day in Cairo. I’ve been sleeping very well and got up today at 9:30 and went down for breakfast. I decided to visit the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo.

After a shower, I went down to the lobby and made the arrangements for a car to drive me to the museum, wait, then drive me back. It is a 45 minute drive, through traffic, to get to and through the downtown area of Cairo.

We arrived at the museum and made arrangements for the driver to meet me at the front gate at 3:30 p.m. Done. Well, except that he called a friend to give me a tour of the museum (for a price) which I declined. Also, no cameras allowed. (But not enforced.)

The museum, contains a good sample of Egyptian artifacts from statues, jewelry, sarcophagus, chariots, and so many items it boggles the mind – at least mine anyway. And this is just a small portion that the museum has in their possession. And to think about how much as been taken, over the years, and kept in other museums and private collections.

Think I timed the pick up time well. After about 90 minutes, my attention span was gone. I did leave with more of an appreciation of the Egyptian arts and history. Something to build upon when I have the time to research further.

The driver wanted to take me to the part of town where the embassies were – and could name off all of the ones he knew about. Much security in the area.

I took a video of the traffic, but don’t think it gives the true perspective of the amount of traffic and what it takes to get through it all. I admire people who drive through this every day.

Wow. I enjoy my afternoon naps. Got up and went down for dinner then came back upstairs and started to get ready for my trip to Luxor.

Onward to Luxor!


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