Egypt: 16 January 2017

Last night, I made it to the hotel in good shape. Had faith that I would get through customs okay and find an excellent driver to take me to the hotel. 100% on both counts.

My seat mate yesterday from Milan to Cairo took good care of me as I exited the plane, through customs, baggage, and taxi. And, because he lives near my hotel, is picking me up at 9:00 p.m. and taking me to see the pyramids at night.

My taxi driver last night was very funny, informative and a good driver. We talked about all sorts of things, he shared his favorite music with me, and pointed out highlights as we drove from the airport to the hotel. The ride took a little over an hour due to some heavy traffic just as we started to cross over the Nile river.

Once at the hotel, there was the first checkpoint where a dog was used to check the car and trunk. Then another checkpoint as I entered the hotel. I am feeling very safe. A big thank you to everyone who has been concerned. I’m fine.

My room was upgraded and everyone here has been so very nice and helpful. I am humbled by how much everyone has cared. This morning the guest relations person hooked me up with the best guide for the pyramids. I’ll post an update of that tour during tomorrow’s update, but will share a picture from earlier today.

I have no words to describe my visit to the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza today. ¬†Until tomorrow…

I’m a lucky guy!


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