Daily Journal: 11 January 2017

Today, when I woke up and looked outside and it was sunny. Then checked the temperature and it was around -14 C, but not matter.

Didn’t waste any time getting ready for the outdoors. I had another letter to mail today so was a good reason (in addition to the sunny weather) to get moving.

After mailing the letter, I decided to head to my favorite spot to look at the mountain – just at the western edge of Zermatt. Got some nice pictures of the Matterhorn and practiced using the camera’s zoom; hence, the two nearly identical pictures of the mountain.

Also, it looks like, in the second picture, that the mountain is several miles away. When, in fact, the base of the mountain can be reached in about 30 minutes on foot. Somewhat like being at Timberline Lodge?

The camera in my new phone has a lot of “bells and whistles” so it will take awhile to try out the new features.

During the outing this morning, I took pictures of the town and surrounding hills. Wish more people could see this area in-person and experience the amazing beauty in every direction.

One of the pictures I wanted to take today was of a couple (or maybe 3) older traditional homes that look lived in. If traditional, they would be very small inside, low ceilings, and small windows. There are maybe 50 (?) of these traditional Swiss alpine homes among the newer buildings in Zermatt.

Another picture (below) using the camera’s zoom feature. This shows a better perspective of the mountain’s physical relationship to the village.

The Matter Vispa river runs through the village and provides a scenic way of getting from one end of village to the other. I took pictures from a bridge looking both east and west.

The Matterhorn is visible from most places in Zermatt.

My niece inspired me to take more food pictures. Today I was interested in the sweet shops that sell homemade wares. At the second shop, I selected a Matterhorn cookie and a piece of Apple Strudel.

I had to take a picture of the Matterhorn cookie before I ate it. And was declared delicious by me – about 5 minutes later.

Fun to look up the side streets to see what businesses and shops are off the beaten track. Have no idea what I’m looking at.

The picture below shows one of the open plaza areas in the villiage. The next couple of pictures show the main street that is predominately on the north side of the village.

When I went out for a walk later in the day, the storm clouds (with more snow) were starting to build.

Last summer, I made friends with a cat that hung out at this spot. I’ve been by a few times already but haven’t seen my friend. Today, I have evidence that he is still around by the paw prints in the snow.

Below is a picture of the cat – taken in August 2016.

I saw these sleds as I was crossing a bridge. Note that they are cabled to the bridge for security.

Another picture taken of the southern side of the village.

I like the chairs in front of this restaurant. They look very comfortable!

Another picture of the mountain from center of the village.

This shows the hills on the northern side of the village.

During a shopping trip today I saw a pharmacy that may have a vitamin supplement that I’ve been taking daily for the past few years. The pharmacy clerk helped me find the equivalent European version. I took a picture of both. I’d like to give credit to Emergen-C that keeps colds from settling in and has done so for the last few years. Now I have a 30-day supply that will last until I get to Budapest where I can order more of the Emergen-C. My health is very important to me, so anything I can do to keep active and take care of my body, that is probably my #1 priority.

Thought I’d take a picture of my “office” in Zermatt. As you can see it has everything (perhaps) that I need as I plan my trips, corresponding, and taking care of finances.

A new feature for my daily journal, are my itinerary notes. This is to answer questions about where I’m headed to next and also a quick way for me to view from my phone.


Train from Zermatt to Milan Jan 14 13:13 Zermatt, 14:37 Brig (Arrive) 14:44 Brig (Depart 16:37) Milano Centrale (Arrive)

Hotel in Milan Jan 14 Check Out Jan 15 Via Armando Diaz, 120, 21057 Olgiate Olona Booking reference 31658890 British Air

Flight Milan to Cairo Jan 15 (MXP 1:35 PM to CAI 6:15 PM) EgyptAir Flight 704 Confirmation #ZC4NCD

Hotel in Cairo (Giza) Jan 15, 16, 17 Swiss Inn Pyramids 31658917 Al Wahat Road, Dream Land 6th of October City 2500 EG AE Exec

Flight to Luxor from Cairo Jan 18 Egyptair   2:30 p.m. Depart 3:40 Arrive Cheaptickets

  • Hotel in Luxor Jan 18 to 29  Jan 30 (Check Out) _______ (pending)

Flight Luxor to Cairo Jan 30 8:40 a.m. (Depart) 9:50 a.m. (Arrive) Cheaptickets

Flight Cairo to Milan Jan 30 (CAI 12:45 PM to MXP 3:50 PM) EgyptAir Flight 705 Confirmation #ZC4NCD Cheaptickets

  • Hotel in Milan Jan 30 & 31 _______ (pending)

Flight Milan to Budapest February 1 Eurowings MXP 8:25 a.m.

Flight to Stuttgart Wed Feb 1, 2017 8:25am – 9:25am (CET)  Flight 2821
Flight to Budapest Liszt Ferenc Wed Feb 1, 2017 10:10am – 11:35am (CET)    Flight 2780

AirBnb Budapest February 1 to March 12 1138 Budapest, Danubius Street 5 Flat I-608 Budapest 1138






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