Daily Journal: Sunday 8 January 2017

7 January 2017

Yesterday was a travel day. But what a great day for travel! Had very nice weather on the train to Zurich the day before and had sunny and dry (and cold) weather from Zurich to Zurmatt today.

Below are pictures taken from the Zurich room. The first one is from when I arrived the night before.

Paddington Bear was in Zurich too!

Took my time packing for Zermatt, mainly because my train doesn’t leave until 1:00 p.m. and had the time but also to make unpacking easier when I arrive in Zermatt. I almost took the Zurich tram (the #4) from my hotel to the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (train station), but the hotel porter had my suitcase halfway out the door and in a taxi before I had time to object. (Okay – I wasn’t looking forward to pulling the suitcase through the snow.)

I had about an hour before boarding, so ordered a pizza to enjoy while waiting. When the train arrived, I found a good seat on the upper deck and my suitcase was nearby. Sometimes, me and the suitcase are in different cars or on opposite ends of the same car. I have faith that I’ll find the suitcase when time to disembark.

The first part of our trip was to Visp – the town at the bottom of the valley to where the next train begins the journey up the valley to Zermatt (and the Matterhorn).

Below are some pictures and videos of my train trip from Paris to Zurich the day before. The videos show the speed (~230 kph) the trains were traveling. The pictures below are of the snow and the next two are the videos.

We got to Visp on schedule (this is Switzerland after all) and on the train and in our seats to Zermatt in less than 10 minutes. I sat next to a couple from Ohio who were on their honeymoon and it was their first trip to Zermatt. I remember my first time up the hill on the train and was fascinated by the beauty of the hills and view of the river (way, way, way down below) and wondering when I would catch my first look at the Matterhorn.

We got to Zermatt station and I made my way to my flat in Haus Granit.  So much room for little ol’ me. Received a nice discount (~ 50%)  from the owner who I knew from my last visit.  Haus Granit (link)

After dropping the suitcase off, I headed out to the store to pick up a few things for dinner and breakfast. The store closes at 8:00 (sharp) so I didn’t want to be late. Came back, unpacked, answered email, and then spent time looking for the cord to recharge my iPad – guess I must have left it somewhere. So far I’ve only misplaced a few items – nothing important. Oh well, guess I’ll look for a replacement tomorrow.

After dinner, I went on a long walk through the town to get re-acquainted with the places familiar from last year. The big change was to the tennis courts which are now an ice rink. I enjoyed the variety of languages spoken while on my walk – mainly German (all varieties), French and Italian – and some English too.

The TV in the flat has a number of channels, with only a few in English. I’ll set up the Apple TV tomorrow after I get a converter for the Apple TV’s UK plug so it will work with the Swiss outlet.


Woke up early (4:00 a.m.) and drank some coffee, made some toast, and got updated on today’s current events. Then went back to bed. Guess I was anxious for the sunrise which wasn’t due for several more hours. When I awoke again, it was sunny outside. After another cup of coffee and a shower I was out the door for a walk, heading to my favorite place to admire the Matterhorn.

Found a bear who was dressed properly. (Maybe Paddington’s cousin?)

Went grocery shopping again for supplies for the rest of the week. (I’ll be here until the 14th.) Also found the correct converter plug (last one on the shelf) and a cable to recharge the iPad. Got the Apple TV set up too. Then took a nap.

After dinner tonight I’ll take another walk.







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