Daily Journal: Friday 6 January 2017

Maybe I should have planned a longer stay in Paris? Two days really doesn’t seem like a long visit, does it? Was able to visit the Louvre Museum and the Versailles Palace – so guess I made good use of my time there. Also, Paris was a good half-way point to Zermatt, which is my primary goal to not travel the whole distance to Zermatt in one day.

Very nice travel weather. The sun was out and had an excellent taxi ride to the train station (Gare de Lyon) and was able to have a quick bite before boarding. Also able to correct a mistake I made in booking the trip by purchasing a ticket for the 7th when I was actually leaving today, on the 6th. It took about 15 minutes in the ticket office to do the exchange, and even saved around $35 because I was not leaving on Saturday. Nice!

Took some pictures along the way and a video that (I think) shows the speed of the train as I traveled from Paris to Zurich. Will post them tomorrow. I’m still getting used to the new phone and developing a quick way to pull the images from the phone’s camera and put them into blog.

Found snow on the ground as I arrived in Zurich. And boy, was it cold as I stepped off the train. First order of business was to top off the SIM chip from Swisscomm from when I was here last year. The person sitting across from me was very interested in how I removed one SIM card and put in another. So, got more data at the Swisscomm shop, withdrew some Swiss Francs from an ATM and was in the taxi on my way to the hotel in 30 minutes. (It doesn’t always go this smooth.) Wow – the cost for the ride to the hotel was over $35 when the ride was less than 15 minutes.

Checked into to the hotel and very pleased with the room. Nice size for a European room and is on the 12th floor with a nice view of the city. And quiet too! You never know about the room until you get there.

Took a long walk tonight. Wanted to stomp around in the snow and feel the cold. This is the first time in sub-zero weather since being in Europe and enjoying every minute. If it had been windy, I might have a different opinion.

My train to Zermatt doesn’t leave until early afternoon, so can sleep a little. Or maybe get in a morning walk?


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