Paris: Tuesday 3 January 2017

We were all up early this morning. Prean is going to Rwanda on business for 10 days and I’m going to Paris (no, not on monkey business). Viktor will keep an eye on the flat – and perhaps eat the rest of our “Christmas Tree”.

Before leaving at 1:00 p.m., I will do my wash, pack, and visit Big Ben one more time before the restoration begins later this month.

The washing was easy, and a good way to use the spare change I’ve accumulated for the past few weeks. I enjoyed the 15 minute walk to and from the laundromat.

While packing, I came across my keepsake reminders of my trip. Recent additions and the feather from my trip along the Outer Hebrides with Barb and Mary and now adding the Paddington Bean given to me by Prean and Viktor.

was easy to get to Westminster where Big Ben (and the attached Houses of Parliament) and Westminster Abbey are located. Head to the nearby Sloan Square Status, jump on the District/Circle tube and the Westminster station is three stops away.

I took pictures of Big Ben (and the Elizabeth Tower) and some of the surrounding buildings.


When I returned to the flat, I had just enough time to confirm that I didn’t forget anything say my good-byes to Prean and Viktor. I had a really great time in London with “the boys”. Maybe return next year?

Travel to St. Pancras was easy. From Victoria it was a 15 minute ride and then a long walk to where the train was to depart. I also used the time to get something to eat on the train and to exchange my British money for Euros. I also walked around the station taking pictures.

Before long it was time to go through security and custom check. I almost felt like we were being herded to the train.

As we were leaving the station, I took a picture that showed a view of the station looking out – as my last glimpse of London for a few months.

Took some pictures of the sunset before we headed under the English Channel, at Folkstone, on our way to Paris.

After checking in to my hotel (a few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower) I took a walk up to the Champs-Elysees. This was a short trip over the Seine, then a 15 minute walk.

Fun to see the Eiffel Tower lit up with it’s beacon.

Tomorrow, I’ve planned a visit to the Louvre Museum.





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