2017: Day #1

Maintaining an open mind. That is the phrase I thought about when I “woke up” today. (In other words, after I had my first cup of coffee.) I’m not one to make resolutions on January 1 – though, while traveling to many different places, this is a good mind-set to have.

About last night… I didn’t make it out yesterday evening, but heard the fireworks going off by the London Eye at midnight. Then at 12:30, it was quiet. No one was letting off fireworks, honking horns, etc. ¬†However, the party across the courtyard carried on until 3:00 a.m. It was after all New Years Eve and it wasn’t like I never kept the neighbors awake when I was younger.

Picture I found of the fireworks by the London Eye last night.

Most of this morning involved research on flights and hotels for my trip to Egypt in a couple of weeks. I still have air miles to use and this trip will require more coordination because it needs to fit in between my stay in Zermatt (ending 14 January) and Budapest (starting 1 February). Looks like I might have an overnight stay in Milan. What these mean is that I will be in 7 cities in January: London, Paris, Zurich, Zermatt, Milan, Cairo, and Luxor.

Paula invited me over for dinner earlier tonight. What a great way to start the new year! Her friend Cindy was there too and we got better acquainted over some mulled wine. Paula served us homemade chicken soup. Yummy! She also lit a fire in the fireplace too! Our conversation covered a wide variety of topics, sharing helpful travel information, current events, healthcare – you name it, we talked about it. When Paula brought in the dessert we claimed that we would only take a small bite and then, in 20 minutes, it was gone. Got to play with the house cats too! A perfect evening!

Paula and I had a great time together. We talked about making plans to met up again possibly in the next few months. She will stay on in London while I continue my travels on the continent.

It will soon be time to say good-bye to London. But what a great time I had and many excellent memories.



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