Daily Journal: Saturday 31 December 2016

The cold snap is over and the mild weather returns. Some of the fog from the last few days remains and it looks like we might get a little rain today.

Today I’m meeting Paula and her friend Cindy at her home in East Finchley. We had planned to visit Bletchley Park (Churchill’s Secret Intelligence and Computers Headquarters). After taking a wrong train I arrived almost 30 minutes late. (It happens….) ย When I arrived, we decided to change plans. Cindy was not feeling 100%, so Paula and I decided to head to Hampstead – for no other reason than to have some tea and walk around and look in shop windows.

Directions to East Finchley

Directions to Hampstead

After tea, scones, croissants, and petting the stray cat that hangs around the shop, we walked around the village and up into the residential area. We came across a bakery that had many fun goodies to eat. We took pictures and kept walking. (My favorite were the porcupines.)

We found another bakery that had some sandwiches and other treats, so stopped there and made our purchases. From there we headed our separate ways to celebrate the coming new year.




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