Hampton Court Palace: 30 December 2016

Still cold today in London and foggy. Great to have some winter weather and to bundle up.

I had some errands near Leicester Square and came across the Chinese arch nearby.

Also took a picture of the crowds around Leicester Square.

Today’s adventure took me to Hampton Court Palace. Long story short about the palace: King Henry VIII took possession of the palace and started to add his preferences to the building. Later monarchs, mainly William and Mary, then George I & II, had their own improvement ideas as well. So, what you have now is an interesting combination of architecture – very much like Windsor Castle.

The palace is not located near a tube station, but there is a train station in the small village next to the palace. Was able to take a train from Waterloo Station directly to the palace and arrived 30 minutes later.

Coming up to the palace, I crossed over the Thames and saw the following scene of the palace (barely visible in the background) with reflections on the river. An interesting picture on this very foggy day.

As I approached the castle, I could make out the palace’s outline and realized how vast the building(s) were. I think all of the structures contained in the palace area are connected, but it was difficult to tell for sure.

I took an audio tour of the palace. There were three primary tours of the building: King Henry VIII, William and Mary, and George I & II (the Hanoverians). There were some other mini-tours as well. The following are some random pictures from what I saw. There was so much to see….

Henry VIII

Some of Mary II Porcelain Collection

Privy Gardens (William and Mary)

Picture in Men’s Room. Shows former fireplace opening, now covered up.

Astronomical Clock (16th Century)

Interior Courtyard


Dusk at Hampton Court Palace

Ice Skating at Hampton Court Palace

Made it home by 5:30 and saw that I walked 15,545 steps today. Nice!







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