Daily Journal: Thursday 29 December 2016

Woke up today and it was cold outside. Finally getting some cold weather that I remember from past Decembers. Soon after morning coffee, I had planned to visit the local laundry to wash clothes. On the way, there were several slick spots on the walkway from the morning frost. Had to be careful – my insurance isn’t that comprehensive. Glad to be able to get in and out of the laundry within 45 minutes so I could start the rest of my day.

Today I’m meeting up with Ben in Brixton where he lives. Brixton is just south of central London and easily accessible on the Victoria Line. When I arrived, Ben was there to greet me.

One of the first places we visited was a tribute to David Bowie who born and raised in Brixton. A tribute wall, dedicated to him, is not too far from the tube station. We also (perhaps I suggested) to visit his boyhood home, which Google said was located at 40 Stansfield Road, a short distance away. I have pictures of the tribute wall and his boyhood home (below).

I should have taken pictures of the various markets contained near the center of Brixton. A variety of shops and stalls that contained a variety of offerings.

Next we looked for a place to eat. Again, many places of great variety to choose from. We settled on a small pizza place in one of the market areas.

From there, Ben took me to a familiar-named place: Electric Avenue. (I found out later that this was the first market street to be lit by electricity.) Many may know this street from Eddy Grant’s song, Electric Avenue. I took some pictures of the street sign and the associated street.

We walked around some more, looking at the various architecture and street scenes. I can see why Brixton is now the place where the “cool kids” of London get to live. Diverse and interesting around every corner.

After Ben and I parted, I continued to walk around for the next hour before it started to get dark. I’m sure I didn’t see more than 1% of Brixton, but liked what I saw. Was good to get out of central London and explore more of surrounding areas. Thanks Ben!



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